2015 09/07 : CIRED Mainstreaming low carbon consumption

2015 07 05 Annonce : LOW CARBON Session parallèle sur les modèles de consommation Jeudi 15h UMPC salle 201 – Conférence Our commun Future under CC

Le CIRED est co-organisateur de la session 3317 – Mainstreaming low carbon consumption : challenges and opportunities, jeudi 09/07 de 15h à 16h30 à Jussieu salle 201.

Programme : http://cfcc.event.y-congress.com/ScientificProcess/Schedule/index.html?setLng=en#


Chair(s) : G. Walker (Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster, United Kingdom)

Convener(s) : C. Barbier (CIRED UMR 8568, Nogent-sur-Marne, France), B. Girod (Group for Technology and Sustainability, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland), R. Baartmans (TNO, Delft, Netherlands)

Low carbon living and energy demand as a shared social problem: from the little to the big

  1. Walker (Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster, United Kingdom)

Daily innovations, social practices and sustainable consumption – Some insights from real life

  1. Douzou (EDF, Clamart, France)

International Consultation on Consumption Patterns for Sustainable Development

  1. Poppe, (Centre for Strategic Studies and Management in Science, Technology and Innovation (CGEE), Brasilia – DF, Brazil)

Mainstreaming low-carbon consumption: Opportunities, challenges and promising policy approaches

  1. Girod (Group for Technology and Sustainability, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland)

Carbon emission mitigation by Consumption-based Accounting and Policy

  1. Tukker (TNO, Delft, Netherlands), D. Crawford-Brown (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Designing and experiencing social practices in LivingLab environments – A novel approach to transform routinized behaviour via materialized social innovations

  1. Liedtke (Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Wuppertal , Germany)




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